Vacuum Lifters

The majority of goods can be handled sustainably, safely, and effectively with Vacuum Lifters technology. Regardless of size, strength, or gender, vacuum lifting systems make such processes simple for everyone.

Shree Krishna Industries, a global pioneer in vacuum material , provides a comprehensive line of vacuum lifters and other vacuum lifting equipment. Vacuum lifters make your work more efficient, ergonomic, and safe. They aid with the prevention of injuries associated with lifting and moving big weights. We offer vacuum lifters with crane systems and as a stand-alone solution to lift loads, specifically, heavy loads. Our sophisticated crane systems provide a number of benefits, are responsive, and facilitate ergonomic work.

We will collaborate with you to create and install a vacuum lifter tool that is tailored to your needs. We offer our customers trade and industry path-breaking solutions. At the same time, we have earned enthusiastic customers wherever production processes need to be made more efficient with the aid of vacuum technology. Additionally, we also offer a complete range of Vacuum tube lifters that are a special tools made for repetitive management, effective handling, and suitable work environment. In order to meet the specific requirements of the various sectors of industry, we offer vacuum material handling systems with the following branches:

For Ferrous, Non Ferrous and Similar Rigid Materials Handling of Sheet Metal

Handling of Sheet Metal

Safe and Ergonomically – for many different Objects and Applications. Damage-free gripping and movement of laser-cut sheet metal, mainly stainless steel ones, even with apertures and coated with oil.

  • Injury-free management of heavy and unwieldy workpieces by a single person.
  • Gripping of parts made of non-magnetic steel and non-ferrous metals.
  • Reduced machine-loading times and increased electric power time.
  • Energy-independent management with the aid of existing overhead cranes by electric power.
  • Ideal for Sheet Metal Management From Stack or Storage Systems.
  • Cut Out Parts in the Range of Vacuum Lifters Suction pads can be lifted.
  • Various possible dimensions of metal sheets can be lifted.

Vacuum Lifting Equipment Features:

Durable devices for competent functioning vacuum lifting equipment comes in a completely new style and well-thought-out features like an intelligent warning gadget and an integrated automated power conservation sys. The revolutionary vacuum lifting device series can lift up to 2,000 kg depending on the model. We are a worldwide leader of providing vacuum lifters having well-organized work stations for providing support. It works on the phenomenon of pneumatic, hydraulic, mechanical or electric power.

Horizontal transport handling

The standard series equipment are designed for horizontal transportation of panel materials such as sheet metal, plastic panels, coated hardwood panels, or glass panes with a load capacity of up to 2000 kg. Our company works with top-quality and popular vacuum lifting that works on vacuum material handling technology.

Vacuum lifter for heavy workpieces

One of the most challenging chores has always been transporting extremely long and heavy workpieces, and SKI makes this tough chore appear like child's play with its resilient and robust lifter equipment. Only one person is required to move extra-long boards to wherever they are needed to the placed on your crane.

Worksite ergonomic and performance

Employee productivity and workplace ergonomics are inextricably related. People require assistance while carrying weights, particularly when handled manually, which is enabled via vacuum lifters. . Employees benefit from our intuitive and simple-to-use lifting devices because they alleviate the physical strain caused by the many repetitive motions needed in manufacturing, assembly, and logistics operations. These vacuum lifters can be handled by one operator.

How does a vacuum lifter work?

Our vacuum lifting devices grab and raise your mass using vacuum technology. An airtight seal between the load and the lifter is ensured by suction feet suited for the load you need to raise, which guarantees that the weight is held securely during the operation.

How does a suction lifter work?

A vacuum pump or ejector pump is utilized to produce a vacuum between the suction cups and the workpiece. The operator may simply modify the lifting height by adjusting the vacuum level using the control handle. Suction lifting is a safe and gentle method of lifting that is beneficial to both the operator and the items. These cups grasp and hold the mass securely without causing damage, allowing the user to lift big objects safely and without exerting physical effort.

Advantages of our vacuum lifters:

  • Reduces labor costs

    Picking up and transferring the piece requires only one person rather than two or three for proper lifting.

  • Improves working conditions

    Heavy lifting is no longer required, saving the back and preventing accidents. Increase the usage of our lifting capacities ranging from small to big lifting equipment.

  • Prevents damage

    Suction cups instead of clamps or slings reduce the risk of damage.

  • Complies with all safety standards

    Our products comply with the most up-to-date national and international safety standards, including CE and ASME.

You can choose from our selection of air-powered vacuum lifters, including accessories, vacuum lifters, replacement parts, and more. To fulfill your specific application, you can simply order these Air Powered Vacuum Lifters. Shree Krishna Industries is a worldwide leader in supplying the most effective vacuum material handling technology. Furthermore, we offer a complete range of vacuum lifters and vacuum lifter devices that can lift heavy bags, big units, critical weight and big loads.

Using our popular vacuum lifting efficient devices, and manual tilting end effectors increases efficiency within the workplace. So, you can lift heavy loads with our lifting capacities ranging and manual tilting end effectors. We also provide best solutions to lift heavy boxes with the same phenomenon. Vacuum lifters, hydraulic lifters, and electric lifters works on the same technology as a normal lifter do so.

System Type Maximum Lifting Capacity
Horizontal Handling 150kg 300kg 500kg 750kg 1000kg 2200kg
Vacuum Lifter Type Suction Cup Nos. Work piece can be handled (mm) Suction Cup Dia. Type Voltage Wt. Approx.
150kg 2/4 1250*2500 250 Electric Single Phase 50kgs
300kg 4/6 1250*2500 250 Electric Single Phase 75kgs
500kg 6/8 1500*3000 250 Electric Single Phase 100kgs
750kg 6/8 1500*3000 250 Electric Single Phase 120kgs
1000kg 8/10 1500*4000 250 Electric Single Phase 200kgs
2200kg 10/16 2000*6000 250 Electric Single Phase 350kgs